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WEBINAR (recording): Sustainable Farms through Agritourism 27.2.2017

Agritourism – Pejaković Anđelka, dipl. ing.
Agritourism – Ivana Starčević, mag. ing. agr.
Voluntary marking of agricultural products using CAA logos aimed at development of agritourism – Marija Tumpak, dipl. ing.
From idea to implementation without own capital – Rodoljub Džakula, dr. vet. med.

WEBINAR (recording): Organic Beekeeping 27.2.2017

Control and certification of organic production – Ana Marušić Lisac, dipl. ing.
Principles of organic beekeeping – Marica Dražić, dr. sc.
Legislation in organic production – Darija Musulin, dipl. ing.