Activities co-financed by EU

“Organic Farming” forum held in Zagreb

On 28.11.2016, a forum was held in Zagreb on the topic of organic farming within the activities of the GRASS Croatia EU project implemented by the Croatian Agricultural Agency where speakers presented their views base on their own experience of pursuit of organic farming. The speakers represented various segments from the production chain to distribution […]

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SIR CRO FEST was held in Zagreb

Congress of cheesemakers from all over Croatia opened the 2nd Croatian Festival of Traditional Cheese – SirCrofest – aimed at promotion of domestic production and positioning of Croatian cheese on international markets. Advisory workshops were held during the two-day SirCrofest as well as an exhibition at the Josip Jelačić Square where cheese was sold. On […]

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City Farm Held in Zagreb

On 5 November 2016, City Farm was held in Zagreb. It was organised by the Croatian Agricultural Agency, within the framework of implementation of the GRASS Croatia Growth of Rural Areas and Agriculture for Successful Society project, co-financed by the European Commission. At the City Farm, the citizens had an opportunity to experience rural atmosphere […]

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