Growth of Rural Areas for Successful Society Final Conference Held in Bjelovar

On 27 June 2017, the Growth of Rural Areas for Successful Society final conference, organised by the Croatian Agricultural Agency project team was held in the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Bjelovar within the framework of implementation of the GRASS Croatia EU project co-financed by the European Commission.

Since EU accession of the Republic of Croatia, adjustment to standards of the Common Agricultural Policy has not been completed and all relevant stakeholders in all branches of the economy are expected to constantly improve and share the best practices in preparation and implementation of incentive-providing initiatives to ensure, as a successful society, sufficient quantity of high-quality food for our population and secure sufficient resources for future farmers.

The forum was opened by the head of the cattle farming sector dr. sc. Maja Dražić who greeted the present members of the media and guests and acquainted them with the GRASS Croatia EU project and announced speakers who will present their project experience.

The head of the project, Vesna Bulić, dipl. ing., told the audience the purpose of the project, how the Croatian Agricultural Agency was awarded the EU project funds, what were the initial steps in implementation of the project and strategies for providing information to the public concerning the Common Agricultural Policy through the City Farms and forums held in Poreč, Otočac, Zagreb, Osijek and Split.

Petra Tudor, dipl. ing. talked about her experience regarding recording of videos covering the topic of the Common Agricultural Policy. The video recording preparation process is very complex and it requires preliminary activities such as defining the idea (what should be recorded), the message (what should be conveyed) and finding appropriate participants willing to be interviewed on camera. Ms Tudor recorded 5 videos – “Sustainable production of home-made milk as a successful family business for successful society”, “Welfare of animals, education and investments in production are the key to success of a young farmer”, “Opportunities before a family farm through organic goat farming, dairy production, direct sales, hospitality services, agritourism and education of children”, “Healthy nutrition and living in harmony with nature is taught from an early age”, and “Organic path of honey and cheese”. At the end of her presentation, the guests had an opportunity to watch the “Organic path of honey and cheese” video.

After Ms Tudor, the next presenter was Jasna Daud, dipl. ing., whose topic was “Creating materials for young farmers”. Ms Daud started her presentation stating the common knowledge that the children inherit the Earth. Without agriculture, young people will not remain in rural areas and without the young people in the rural areas there will be no long-term investment in agriculture. Within the activity of the CAP in Schools, the CAA employees toured 25 elementary schools throughout Croatia and presented potential and opportunities for future young farmers. Education of young urban people about agricultural product quality and production process creates long-term market for young farmers. In addition to education of children in schools, the project comprised forums presenting opportunities brought by the EU funds to young farmers and those who chose their career in agriculture, as well as participation at fairs providing material for children and young farmers regarding the CAP.

Dr. sc. Maja Dražić spoke about providing information about the Common Agricultural Policy through public events. The CAA has years of experience in organisation of public events in cattle farming, therefore exhibitions, presentations, conferences, workshops, webinars and roundtables were ideal opportunities to inform everyone interested about the CAP.

The final conference was concluded with a detailed analysis by the project manager, Enver Raković, dipl. oes., and lessons learned during implementation of the GRASS Croatia informational campaign.

Final Conference – Creating materials for future young farmers, Vesna Bulić (.pdf)
Final Conference – Experience gained through recording of video materials on the Common Agricultural Policy, Petra Tudor (.pdf)
Final Conference – Creating materials for future young farmers, Jasna Daud (.pdf)
Final Conference – Informing about the CAP through public events, Maja Dražić (.pdf)
Final Conference – Lessons learned, Enver Raković (.pdf)