Grass Croatia at the 12th Conference of Cattle Farmers in the Republic of Croatia

At the 12th Conference of Cattle Farmers in the Republic of Croatia opened on 25 January 2017 at 11 a.m., Assistant Agriculture Minister Krešimir Ivančić will present opportunities for young farmers through the rural development programme within the GRASS Croatia Growth of Rural Areas and Agriculture for Successful Society EU-financed project.

The 2014–2020 Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia and the policy of rural development is aimed at rejuvenation of rural areas through creation of conditions which will allow adequate and attractive living conditions in rural areas. The measures currently implemented also include the effect on generational renewal of farmers and all stakeholders in rural areas. A special emphasis was placed on agricultural producers because the effect of aging of the population is reflected the most in agricultural production due to unfavourable implications unjustly associated with agricultural production.

The Programme contains provisions on investment (6.1.1. and 4.1.) and non-investment (1., 2. and 16.) measures for young farmers increasing capacity of young farmers for fulfilment of the obligations set out in the Common Agricultural policy and their regular business or research and development.

Non-investment measures
  • Measure 1 – Transfer of knowledge and information activities Operation type 1.1.3. Professional training for young farmers
  • Measure 2 – Advisory services, farm management and farm assistance services Operation type 2.1.4. Consulting of young farmers
Investment measures
  • Measure 16 – Cooperation
  • Measure 4 – Investments in tangible assets
  • Measure 6 – Development of farms and business